Episode 25 - Melissa Davis of Hazel Jane's Wine & Coffee

Melissa Davis is the most knowledgeable person behind the bar I've ever met. She'll drop incredible knowledge on wine, spirits, old cocktails, and more with such enthusiasm and wit you can't wait to learn more. Her career has taken her from the floor of Cakes & Ale, to The General Muir, Staplehouse, and now a new project coming next year on the Beltline from the team at Revelator Coffee. She has racked up accolades (most recently a Rising Star Sommelier from Star Chefs) and has built incredible programs many will not soon forget. 

I caught up with Melissa at Krog St to chat about what she's been up to over the years since we first met at Woodfire Grill back in the day -- no surprise, it's a LOT.

Check out everything Melissa is doing with the team at Revelator here.

Recorded at my favorite highboy table, astride Varuni Napoli and delightful chocolate aromas from Xocolatl, at good ol' Krog Street Market






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