Episode 26 - Mary Moore of Cook's Warehouse

There are people who are making Atlanta and amazing city for eaters… and then there people who have made Atlanta. People who have worked so hard at laying groundwork in the culinary community working hard jobs, creating restaurant groups, and so on.

Mary Moore is one of those people. Talk about a powerhouse woman who has held every position in the kitchen, was a part of one of the most influential restaurant groups the city has known, and is now at the helm of an Atlanta business that fuels everyone from the professional chef to the home cook. The Cook’s Warehouse brings everything to the forefront when it comes to outfitting a kitchen with gadgets and and also serves the community with cooking classes.

Mary is also an incredibly decorated individual in terms of communityinvolvement. Just look at how many boards, awards, and leaderships she has held and is currently a part of.

We caught up at her location over at Ansley and covered everything from her upbringing in the Atlanta outskirts, working in the kitchen, and how her entrepreneurial spirit led her to starting her own business.

Get to know The Cook’s Warehouse on their website and visit one of their locations.

Recorded at Cook’s Warehouse in the Ansley Shopping Center — surrounded by all of the amazing kitchen gadgets the world knows and loves






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