Throwback: Three Episodes from Season One (2018)

Throwback: Three Episodes from Season One (2018)

So, we’re nearing the finish line on Season Two of the show here and I’m feeling… let’s say… nostalgic. It’s a little crazy to think that the show has been running for almost two full seasons and we’ve heard from an incredible lineup of talented and wonderful people.

Thus, I want to get back to some of the first couple episodes of the show — all the way back to March of 2018. Three stories I love from Jackie and Deanna Halcrow of Emerald City Bagels, Nate Hybl — Founder of Gusto!, and Steve Carse — Co-Founder of King of Pops.

All three are stories I love — and especially people I believe in, support, and love having in Atlanta.

Note: I was learning a lot back in the early days, so please excuse the audio quality in places.

Listen to the original episodes below

Throwing back to some of the first episodes of the show isn’t something we do often, but we’re hoping to do this more. Great stories don’t have a timestamp. They are always great.

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