Celebrating 10 Years of The Iberian Pig

10 years. In the course of life for a restaurant, this is either insignificant — or it’s everything. Oftentimes, getting through the first 365 days of service can set the pace for the next nine years and good golly are the stories what make it all worth it.

Thusly, we’re celebrating an incredible restaurant, culinary team, restaurant group, and generally wonderful mess of people here in Atlanta. The Iberian Pig, part of Castellucci Hospitality Group, is turning 10. These guys got their start back in 2009 in Decatur Square and they’ve seen a lot in the years since getting things going. In fact, the story of one restaurant is also the story of many others under the Castellucci umbrella — which you’ll hear more of in this episode.

Seriously, though, some of the stories you are about to hear are absolutely insane, hilarious, and absolutely worthy of appreciation. I sat down with Fred and John Castellucci and Edwin Molina — who has been with them since the very beginning. We/I laughed a lot during this recording.

Recorded at Bar Mercado on Monday as things were winding down elsewhere. My favorite ambiance, pans crashing in the background, can be heard throughout.

Music from BlueFox Music (Pond5)

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