The Chai Box - Monica Sunny

There’s something truly magical about chai. Not just that it happens to be packed with some of my favorite flavors and spices or that it evokes a holiday feel that carries throughout any month of the calendar year. It’s the ritual of making it — and making it proper. Also, let’s get one thing straight. It’s just CHAI. Not “CHAI TEA.”

Chai, meaning tea, is how you say it. End of story.

Take it from Monica Sunny, co-founder of The Chai Box. Growing up in India, she wanted to bring the memories and ritual of chai she experienced from an early age. Though, not just the tea. It’s the ritual. How it’s made, the time of day, and how to indulge in the act of making it and ultimately enjoying it. I love her story — and especially what she and her cousin have created.

So, I caught up with Monica to hear more of her story. 10/10 of would recommend brewing a chai for yourself prior to listening. Enjoy.

Recorded on the 2nd floor of Ponce City Market — back when it was still cold outside. Still drinking TCB Chai throughout the summer though. Hot weather can’t stop me now.

Music from BlueFox Music (Pond5)

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