Spotlight Interview: Jim Tselikis of Cousins Maine Lobster

For most, there are few instances where fresh, properly prepared lobster is had on the regular -- let alone readily available. Typically, it's an item astride a prime cut of beef or maybe found in a crock of mac n' cheese, for most Atlantans. 

However, we're lucky to have two food trucks serving up lobster rolls on the regular and Cousins Maine Lobster now calls Atlanta home for its third brick and mortar location. The same lobster roll-centric menu can be found at this location on the west side of Lenox Mall (across from ATL Taco) with a few other staples from the northeast. 

I grabbed some time with Jim Tselikis, one of the co-founders, and his operating partner Tony to talk through the story behind the brand, their time on Shark Tank, and how they are growing here in Atlanta. 

Check out the new spot here

Menus here. (I'm a personal fan of the Connecticut Style roll.)

Recorded in front of Cousins Maine Lobster at Lenox -- Lobster Rolls in-hand.





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