Hollis Callaway - Montane Sparkling Water

The next time you’re thinking to yourself, “You know what? I think I’ll have have an ice-cold, refreshing bubbly beverage!” Make sure it isn’t some junk with a bunch of weird ingredients, empty calories, and garbage that your body doesn’t need.

Instead! Reach for an ice-cold can of Montane Sparkling Water! Refreshing, natural spring water as pure as nature itself — made in Atlanta and wrested from natural springs found in the great state of Georgia!

But in all seriousness…. Welcome Hollis Callaway — founder of Montane Sparkling Water to the show. His story starts right here in Georgia and continues on now with a some of the best bubbly water you can get your hands on in the greater Atlanta area. Starting just a few years ago, you can pick up cans of this greatness at Kroger, Publix, and even Whole Foods. We caught up at their field office here in town so I could hear his story.

Recorded at the Montane Field Office in Grant Park — surrounded by mountains of sparkling water. It took everything in me to not attempt a sparkling water heist!

Music from BlueFox Music (Pond5)

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