Sarah O'Brien - Little Tart Bakeshop

When it comes to a perfectly executed croissant, the amount of hard work, painstakingly calculated timing, and knowledge that goes into this single pastry is hastily tossed out due to one thing — that buttery, crusty texture makes problems melt away. Sarah O’Brien of Little Tart Bakeshop does this for Atlantans, those visiting, and everyone who crosses the threshold of any of their now many locations.

This business has the hearts of so many and they have continued to expand throughout the years — especially with the addition of their recently-opened Summerhill location.

Sarah’s work throughout Atlanta’s dining scene and with several non-profit organizations is remarkable. We caught up at the Summerhill location of Little Tart the week before they opened so I could hear her story.

NOTE: This place was under construction still so you’ll hear lots of rich background noise, friends. There’s always something happening in the life of a restaurateur or small business owner.

Recorded at the side tables at Little Tart Summerhill — LOTS of construction going on. In fact, I think I was the first person to have an espresso from their machine before opening. Aren’t I special!

Music from BlueFox Music (Pond5)

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