Bryan Rackley, Jesse Smith, Matt Christison, Miles Macquarrie - Kimball House & Watchman’s

Here's a story for you folks: Four friends who met working in a bar open a restaurant that changes Atlanta dining. Forever. Oh, and they open another restaurant that does it all over again. Welcome Bryan Rackley, Jesse Smith, Miles Macquarrie, and Matt Christison to the Atlanta Foodcast.

These are the fine gents behind Kimball House and Watchman’s — two restaurants that have elevated Atlanta dining to new heights in way of incredible cocktails, innovative menus, and oyster service. You’re going to love this episode. You’ll laugh. A lot. — Probably as much as we all did when we recorded this. I won’t spoil anything for you. So, here they are — Bryan, Jesse, Miles, and Matt of Kimball House and Watchman’s. 

Also, we talked through this during the episode, but check out the news (in case you missed it) about Kimball House donating over 1,000,000 oyster shells to the Georgia Coastline. Article via Eater.

From Left to Right: Jesse, Bryan, Miles, and Chris. We sat at Watchman’s to record this episode and Matt handed me a piping hot doughnut just before we started recording. I’ll never forget that.

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