Jeb Aldrich - Tiny Lou's

Oh, friends. Forever. I. Love. Atlanta. We have so many things to be proud of in this city. Great gobs of people. Traffic that moves (most days). The Olympics were here. We have Coca Cola. Delta. The Varsity and…. The Clermont Lounge.

This beloved spot is no longer a lone strip club on Ponce. No, no. Now, towering more mightily than before in all its historic glory sits the Hotel Clermont and, down a few flights of stairs, you’ll find Tiny Lou’s.

Jeb Aldrich is at the helm of the kitchen and the French-inspired menu has a story worth hearing — and don’t worry, we get there. He’s spent a considerable amount of time here in the city — and elsewhere. What’s happening at Tiny Lou’s is pretty awesome and we caught up at the restaurant so I could hear his story. So, here he is. 


Recorded in the dining room of Tiny Lou’s. Of course one has to imagine internally, “Should it feel weird that I’m recording a podcast this close to Atlanta’s most infamous strip club?”

Music from BlueFox Music (Pond5)

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