Jarrett Stieber - Eat Me Speak Me & Little Bear

Hey, guys. So, we’re sending another episode your way this week with some much-deserved celebration for a good friend of The Atlanta Foodcast — that’s none other than Jarrett Stieber of Eat Me Speak Me and soon-to-open Little Bear in Summerhill. Jarrett and a small team have been running this pop-up in several locations on the Eastside of town for over 6 years and their last service is this Saturday, June 29th at SOS Tiki Bar in Decatur. Jarrett has done so much for Atlanta and has created incredible menus that many of us have enjoyed at Eat Me Speak Me over the years.

So, we’re re-airing Jarrett’s episode from last season in honor of his pop-up AND in anticipation of Little Bear.

Here’s to you, Jarrett. Thank you for everything. We’ll see you in Summerhill.

Music from BlueFox Music (Pond5)

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