Ford Fry

If you’ve lived in Atlanta for most of your life ….or even just a few days, you’re more than likely going to walk through the front door of Ford Fry’s restaurants at one point for another. Since ’07, JCT has been serving incredible southern cuisine on the westside, The Optimist helped define oysters for Atlanta dining, true Tex Mex from Superica (Just found out we should all be pronouncing it Super-REE-cuh, friends), the burger from Marcel, pasta and ping pong at No. 246, and many, many more.

Suffice is to say, this gentleman has helped to define much of what it means to be an eater here in Atlanta. As his restaurant footprint has grown to other southern cities, he has his team continue to support local farmers and growers, amazing organizations like Georgia Organics, and much more.

Ford and I caught up at King & Duke in Buckhead for this interview. His story, if you don’t know it, is really awesome you’ll learn a ton about how each restaurant has come to be.

Learn more about the work of Georgia Organics here:

Pick up your tickets for Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival here:

Recorded at King & Duke in a super dope library-style private dining room with a private door. I could go on and on, but it’s a perfect space for podcast recording. Maybe the next great co-working space in ATL?

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