Food Well Alliance - Kim Karris

Think about where your food comes from. Now, we’ve all become more conscious of this in the recent past, and the availability of local food is rising — but, we have a long way to go. Urban Agriculture may not seem like something you’re too familiar with, but let me throw some cool statistics your way. Did you know there are over 300 community gardens and about 50 farms within the 5-Country Region of Metro Atlanta? Pretty staggering, right? Now, the big thing to call out here isn’t the focus on eating local or even eating healthy — it’s about reconnecting with the land and realizing that robust food systems can live right next to Midtown, Downtown, East Point, or Sandy Springs.

Folks, meet Kim Karris — Executive Director of Food Well Alliance. The mission of Food Well Alliance is build a network of local leaders, growers, and communities on a united front to build and bolster a local food system. They do this in three ways — mobilizing capital, facilitating collaboration, and promoting innovation. Their mission here in Atlanta is critical as we are one of the fastest growing regions in the country.

Kim and I caught up at the FWA HQ over on the westside. She’s been a part of the organization since the beginning and has an amazing story to tell. Enjoy.

Learn more about Food Well Alliance and their mission here: Food Well Alliance

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