Episode 13, Part 2 - The Spotted Trotter

It's an amazing thing when you listen back to an interview you had with a person -- or people. Things stand out that you may not have missed the first time, but hit you differently. I keep listening back to these two episodes and finding things that make me fall even more in love with Atlanta and how so many people on this show are building their brands and businesses. 

In case you missed Part 1, here's the link to it. I'd highly recommend giving the first half a listen before this one so you can get the full scoop on Kevin and Megan's incredible story. 

In case you wanted to get an idea of where Kevin, Megan, and The Spotted Trotter Team are moving the operation, here's a link to their Instagram photo of the announcement

Also, HUGE congrats to these two on the newest member of the Ouzts clan coming soon!

Recorded on a spring evening at the Ouzts Manor in East Atlanta - Dogs made an audience of 2.




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