Episode 9 - Chef Jen Yee and Chef Damon Wise of Resurgens Hospitality Group

Any great team of culinaries, like Linton and Gina Hopkins, have the foundation of a crucial team beneath their restaurant world. It takes an amazing group of individuals with crosshairs locked on the same vision, drive, and roadmap on how to arrive there. Chef Jen Yee and Chef Damon Wise are two of those people. 

Jen and Damon are relatively new to Atlanta, but they each bring a host of incredible stories and diverse paths to the table. Their hands touch quite the array of corners at Resurgens Hospitality Group. Get to know these two. They are both bound for great things.

Check out the wonderful list of restaurants they work on here.

Also, one of my favorite articles on Chef Linton Hopkins here. It's a good'n.

Recorded over coffee on the 2nd floor of Ponce City Market's Food Hall



Music by BlueFoxMusic

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