Episode 7 - Chef Parnass Savang of Talat Market

Chef Parnass Savang. This guy.... He's really doing something remarkable. After living in Candler Park and seeing his creation take shape at Gato as a pop-up and now, a year in, he is making his own mark on Thai cuisine and the dining/culinary community of Atlanta. 

His family's history is an incredible tale and a huge part of how Talat Market has come to life. His father's restaurant, Danthai in Lawrenceville, is where he got his start in the kitchen. He then made his way to Culinary School, staged under some incredible chefs, and began working under Ryan Smith in some rather notable ATL establishments. 

Check out the Talat Market website here and make it to the pop-up by the end of August before a short hiatus. Their brick and mortar location will be coming to Summerhill early 2019. 

Also, back their restaurant on GoFundMe

Recorded on a cool morning at Gato in Candler Park



Music by BlueFoxMusic


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