Episode 6 - Jonathan Pascual of Taproom Coffee

I met Jonathan after hearing about the coffee shop he was planning to open in Kirkwood -- with the help of Kickstarter. Two things that I love dearly, that being coffee and crowdfunding, were soon to produce Taproom Coffee

Jonathan's story is remarkable. He has been an integral part in how the coffee industry has taken shape throughout Atlanta. His deft hands have helped multiple coffee programs and businesses begin and grow. He's a humble guy, a wonderful father, and an incredibly gifted man. If you have the pleasure of sitting with him, at the bar, in his shop, on any given day, you'll walk away nourished and refreshed... and caffeinated. 

Give Taproom a visit next time you're in Kirkwood.

Episode recorded at a cozy table, inside at Taproom Coffee


Music by BlueFoxMusic


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