Episode 31 - Neal and Samir Idnani of NaanStop

Neal and Samir Idnani are two people I identify with. Not because I've also opened a successful, multi-unit casual Indian concept, but because these two are brothers. I have an older brother and I know what its like to do things in life where you know you've got one another's back. Where you rarely even have to communicate with words. Where teamwork is never a thought because it's all there is. It's just a thing that brothers have. I love seeing that in Neal and Samir and it especially shows in how they have grown their restaurants -- known to the greater good here in Atlanta as NaanStop. Now, these two started the concept as a foodtruck years ago, but not here in the south. I won't spoil the story, but the tale of how they have come to be is quite the tale indeed.

I met Neal and Samir years ago when they had just opened their Buckhead location. I knew their samosa was remarkable back then and things have only gotten better. I’ve had many meals at NaanStop and I’ve found a meal that works for ever occasion.

If you want to give these guys a shot, head to their website and check out the menu.

Also, follow these guys on Instagram here and Facebook here.

Recorded in the bustling dining room at NaanStop in Buckhead — astride the soda machine and its accompanying, loud ice maker.

Music from BlueFox Music (Pond5)

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