Episode 22 - Bess Weyandt of Treehouse Milk

An aspect of Atlanta that I've come to perpetuate over the years, with steadfast loyalty, is our wonderful, creative community of makers. Makers of all kinds who produce, develop, and create things that improve your life -- albeit happen to be delicious on occasion. The makeup of things outside of our restaurant scene are adding incredible amounts of culture to what truly makes Atlanta the greatest city for eaters.

Treehouse Milk is creating the most incredibly flavorful alt-dairy milks right here in our city. The stuff you can pick up at the grocery store can't even come close to how delicious and rich Treehouse's milks are. This crew of two produce several varietals of almond milk, oat milk, and even Georgia pecan milk. 

Check out their website here and order you some delicious nut milk. (National Delivery!)

Also, click here for a list of where you can find these milks around Atlanta.

Recorded at my favorite highboy at Krog St Market -- Accompanied by every delightful aroma.





Music from BlueFox Music (Pond5)

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