Episode 19 - Judith Winfrey, President of PeachDish

There are few people on this earth who can claim to know the restaurant business, work in a new vertical of the space, understand the ebb and flow of seasonality, and also know how to farm -- let alone own a farm. Enter: Judith Winfrey, President of PeachDish

PeachDish is an Atlanta-based mealkit and grocery business that takes the space to new levels. These folks are sourcing high-quality ingredients from local farmers, not to mention buying direct, but also working with local, southern chefs to develop the recipes in some instances. The meals cover all levels of interest in cooking, flavors, dietary restriction, and so on. Check out the menu, that changes daily/weekly here.

Another aspect of the business, that Judith gets into towards the end of the episode, is their collaboration with local artists via postcards and also the boxes your PeachDish or PeachDishes are delivered in. Now, that's just badass. 

Get to know more about PeachDish here

*GIVEAWAY ALERT* Also, for the entire week, check out either of the episode announcement posts (@atlfoodcast or @peachdish) and enter our giveaway for your chance to win an entire week's worth of PeachDish meals. It's easy, so don't be lame. 

Lastly, if you heard at the top of this episode, there is a great event happening on August 6th at Sweetwater Brewing Company and it's the Farm'dxATL Food Show. This unique event will feature a wonderful host of farmers and vendors from the state of Georgia where you can meet them, hear their stories, and sample their incredible produce/product. Click the photo to find out more about the event. I'll see you there. 

Recorded at the PeachDish Global HQ, surrounded by cookbooks.




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