Episode 16 - Lasheeda Perry of Four Seasons Atlanta and Bar Margot

Oh, pastry. This is the part of the meal that will always have more meaning than just treating a sweet tooth or paying homage to part of the kitchen. There's also the type of pastry chef that will keep you anchored during the meal with the knowledge of sealing the evening on a perfect note. Lasheeda Perry, Executive Pastry Chef at Bar Margot and Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta, is that chef. Her incredibly electric personality and approach to cuisine, design, flavor, and the art of pastry makes impossible to forget to so easy to revisit. 

We caught up at the restaurant in Midtown on a morning between service to catch up on her life story, how she landed at the Four Seasons (in many cities), Best Baker in America, and how she's making waves in the culinary world. 

Follow Chef Lasheeda on Instagram here.

Check out her menus at the Four Seasons and Bar Margot here. (I highly recommend the Biscoff Cream Pie and Ube Cheesecake -- both of which we get into during the episode.)

Pictured Above - Chef Lasheeda Perry | Pineapple Icebox Bar | Pink Velvet Cake |

Ube Cheesecake





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