Episode 14 - Elaine Read and Matt Weyandt of Xocolatl

Chocolate. Not the chocolate you know that is readily available at the grocery store checkout. Real chocolate. Chocolate that has a story. 

Matt Weyandt and Elaine Read of Xocolatl are sourcing the best cacao of your life from the fruit-bearing trees in Costa Rica and producing remarkable chocolate at their micro factory in Krog Street Market. The tale of how these two came to be in the world of chocolate is one that will truly inspire and ignite the entrepreneurial side of your chocolate-loving heart. 

I met up with Matt and Elaine at Krog Street Market on a busy afternoon to hear their story and how they are shaping the way Atlanta is experiencing the world of real chocolate through their business.

Visit their micro factory for a few bars of chocolate and a tour of how they produce everything. Click here

Or, order some of their chocolate from their website here


Recorded at a high-top table in the aromatic halls of Krog Street Market.




Music by BlueFoxMusic

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