Episode 15 - Dale Desena of Taste of Atlanta

If you've spent any time in Atlanta, you've either attended or had friends drag you along to Taste of Atlanta. Getting to know Atlanta through flavor is the name of the game at this festival and Dale DeSena, the event's founder/curator, had that philosophy in mind when she dreamt of this event. 

It's amazing when you hit milestones in the life of something you've created and Taste of Atlanta is going strong with 17 years of being a festival for Atlanta eaters. It's a great milestone for Dale and her team and the festival isn't showing any signs of slowing down. 

I sat down with Dale on a busy Sunday afternoon for a conversation on how she got started with this staple event in Atlanta and how she has grown since the early days in 2002. 

Check out details on this year's festival happening October 19-21

Also, Dale and the team have expanded quite a bit over the years and they've got quite the lineup of food festivals on deck. Next up is the Southern Wing Showdown. Don't miss this one. 

Recorded on the cozy porch of Ticonderoga Club at Krog Street Market on a Summer afternoon.





Images courtesy of Taste of Atlanta

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