Episode 13, Part 1 - Kevin and Megan Ouzts of The Spotted Trotter

Kevin and Megan Ouzts.... Folks, these two are heroes. The Spotted Trotter is a wonderland for anyone with an appreciation, affinity, slight interest, or palate for incredible cured and prepared meats and charcuterie. They have incredible roots here in Atlanta and throughout Georgia and have established an avenue of the culinary community here that makes this city so wonderful -- albeit delicious. 

This interview is a special one. For the first time, we're bringing you a story in two parts. Thus, welcome to Part 1. The other half of this story will be available the following week. 

In the meantime, check out The Spotted Trotter's website here.

Also, pay them a visit on Instagram and keep up with all of their news!

Check back next week for some great news about this wonderful pair and their incredible business.

Recorded on a spring evening at the Ouzts Manor in East Atlanta




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