Episode 12 - Luca Varuni of Varuni Napoli

Witnessing pizza emerge from an oven that was painstakingly built as the oven at Varuni Napoli is akin to witnessing a great artist sling paint onto a canvas or a wall. You've long surpassed the realm of just dough, sauce, and cheese -- You've stepped into the realm of real pizza. 

Luca Varuni built Varuni Napoli on the foundation of his culinary youth spent in southern Italy. Whether its an individual ingredient or a fully-executed pizza, you will leave with an appreciation for how Luca and his team build flavor around this menu daily. 

I caught up with Luca on a Sunday afternoon and left wanting to hear his story five more times -- over a pizza, and another, and another.... I hope you enjoy our conversation.

You can visit Varuni Napoli at their flagship location on Monroe or grab a counter seat at their stall in Krog Street Market.

Also, make your plans now for a weekend brunch as the team just rolled out a killer brunch menu

Recorded at my trusty table on the patio of Krog Street Market during a bustling Sunday afternoon




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