East Pole Coffee Co.

Jared Karr and Jules Tompkins didn’t start out as friends, per se. A bit more like “frienemies.” Their paths crossed in their earlier years here in Georgia and again later in life — as business partners. Fast forward to today and you step into the bright, beautiful space of East Pole Coffee Co — found in the same industrial part of Atlanta near Sweetwater Brewing, Armour Yards, and so on.

Coffee is seldom part of the culinary realm that many come to understand fully. The plant, the process, regions, varietals, roasting methods — especially the farmer.

Jared and Jules set out to bring something different to the coffee community here in Atlanta. They roast their own (right in the coffee shop, in fact), but they take extra care and steps to know who is growing it.

The guys had me over to their space a little after hours so I could hear more of their story. Here they are.

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Recorded after hours at East Pole Coffee. This time, wine. Coffee the next day.

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