Chef Anne Quatrano - Bacchanalia

Atlanta is a city lucky to find itself in a dining renaissance. So many new restaurants, waves of dining interest, inspiration, and newly found energy. All backed by chefs and groups who have shaped what it means to be an eater here.

This week, it’s an honor to bring you one of those chefs. None other than Chef Anne Quatrano. Annie, to her friends. The chef and creative force behind Bacchanalia, Star Provisions, Floataway Cafe, WH Stiles Fishcamp, and soon-to-open Pancake Social at Ponce City Market.

Her life started in New England, shifted to the west coast, then back east and settling in Georgia (Their family farm is in Cartersville) where she worked tirelessly to push agriculture-forward dining to the top of the list.

We caught up at Bacchanalia over on the west side over coffee.

Recorded in the dining room of Bacchanalia with copious amounts of good coffee, english muffin samples, and delightful background music.

Music from BlueFox Music (Pond5)

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