Episode 4 - Steve Carse of King of Pops

Steve Carse is one of those people you meet once and never have to ask his name again -- nor what he does for a living. His creativity and vision are something that come about naturally in any conversation. He is one of the founders of Atlanta's darling popsicle company, King of Pops

You'll hear on the show that its far more than just frozen treats nowadays. This team is transforming the landscape of business around Atlanta and several other great cities throughout the southeast. That would be to the tune of:

King of Pups

Tree Elves

King of Crops

P10 Foods

Steve and I caught up on a hot-as-you-know-what summer day last year in front of their HQ in Inman Park -- replete with popsicles. 

If you've never had King of Pops because you live too far outside the perimeter or live in another state, head here and order some to make your dreams come true -- and everyone around will like you more. 

Steve Carse

Episode recorded July 2017 on location at King of Pops' Pop Window in Inman Park



Music by BlueFoxMusic



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